…..Trigger warning!

…..You may remember spending hundreds of hours pouring over practice Qbank questions and explanations for Step and Shelf exams. Surprise! Someone has to write those. There are private companies that have made an entire industry out of hiring physicians of all specialties to write questions for their test banks. Questions about ethics and medical jurisprudence are also important contributions to a Qbank.

…..Original content on any topic within one’s specialty is accepted and efficiency and ingenuity are rewarded with higher pay rates and bonuses for high question and explanation production. Of course, it’s not only the question itself that is important, but the explanation that details why each option is or is not the correct answer. Physicians who have spent time in academic medicine teaching residents will know this.

…..This is an excellent non-clinical option for physicians who enjoy creativity and critical thinking that does not require board-certification or state licensure. Obviously, question writing can be done entirely independently and entirely on one’s own schedule from vacation or other remote destination. It could also qualify as supplemental income for any physician regardless of employment status.

…..Teaching: Those coming from academic environments will excel at question writing.

…..Time for Research: Take your time reading textbooks and crafting your perfect question.

…..Reflection: That complicated case that baffled you and your team for weeks? Turn it into a question and teach the masses!

Salary: Depends on productivity, but $50-60 per question is average.

Flexibility meter: 10/10 (Scribble down that renal question anytime creativity strikes you!)