…..Per-diem-contracts can be the first and most attainable step towards Doctoring Differently. Instead of being a full-time employee, it is possible to convert to a part-time or full-time contractor. It allows one to remain at their same institution or within their same community and continue to generate income in a safe and familiar environment. In such cases, the EMR system and support staff is familiar and such a physician would be immediately efficient and a profitable asset to the department.  Per-diem employees are paid an hourly rate and often can accrue paid sick time. As a per-diem employee, health benefits and retirement contributions are not provided. But not to fear, you can procure those benefits on your own.

…..Freedom of schedule. Most institutions do not have a minimum requirement of shifts per month that are required of their per-diem physicians. You are free to flex your schedule as you desire to meet your own personal and financial needs.

…..No limit on the number of per-diem contracts. For those living in medically saturated cities and communities, you can become credentialed at multiple institutions. If one institution has limited per-diem shift availability, another institution may provide the shifts at the times that fit with your schedule.

…..No administrative responsibilities. You are only required to perform clinical duties without attending meetings, sitting on committees, teaching, preceptorship, or researching. If you specifically desire to continue one of these responsibilities as a per-diem employee, many departments would be receptive to such a request.

…..Malpractice Insurance coverage provided. The Institution will provide high-quality malpractice insurance.

Salary: Highly variable between specialties. Generally starts between $110-150/hr for primary care practitioners and hospitalists.

Flexibility Meter: 8/10 (your flexibility will depend on the institution’s shift availability). But if you don’t want to work nights, weekends, or holidays, you are not required to.