…..Botox, fillers, laser treatments. You’ve heard these ubiquitous words even if you have no idea what they mean or what they do. So you’re not in dermatology or plastics? Most of these cosmetic procedures can be performed by nurses, but in most states, the “Medical Spa” practice must have majority ownership by an MD/DO of any specialty. In my community, many MedSpas are owned by Family Medicine doctors, Emergency Physicians, Anesthesiologists. And as a Pediatrician, I’ve enjoyed the procedural aspect and customer service aspect of providing medical cosmetic procedures.

…..I started my aesthetics practice after a conversation with a retired surgeon who shared how he was approached about starting an aesthetics arm of his practice late in his career and his only regret was not starting it 10 years earlier. He described a short, but steep learning curve and recommended taking a few courses to refresh myself on facial anatomy and learn the safest procedures and most effective techniques. I found one of the many 1 and 2 day independent courses taught by expert injector doctors and nurses that will provide CME credits and give hands-on practice with guidance and supervision.

…..This Industry is growing at such a rapid pace and will continue to be rewarding and lucrative for practitioners who enjoy procedures, customer service, or who desire to grow a small practice into a full-fledged business.

…..Procedure-based. After leaving the Pediatric Emergency Department, I missed doing procedures on a regular basis. This is a creative and artistic way to work with your hands again.

…..Highly lucrative. This is a cash-only business without any insurance. All profits are yours to grow your business as large as you’d like.

…..Instant Popularity. You will be very popular in your friend group. Guaranteed.

Salary: $$$$$$$

Flexibility meter: 10/10. It’s your business, work when you want to.