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* Discover lucrative and flexible career opportunities for Physicians of all specialties

* Enjoy support in a community of Physicians who are choosing healthier and more sustainable ways of practicing medicine

* Doctoring Differently is still Doctoring

You Deserve a Great Life

Over the past four years, I have leveraged my medical degree and experience in a variety of lucrative and creative jobs that allow me to have full control of my schedule and income.

After exiting full-time clinical medicine, I found my next, best steps through one “Physician Side Gig” at a time. Eventually, I folded in a variety of jobs that allow me to negotiate my schedule and maximize my salary.

Doctors are fully capable of having careers that fit their individual and unique lifestyles. Our unique talents and gifts can work for us.

There are no rules to Doctoring. You are as much a Doctor outside of full-time clinical practice as you are within it.

Recommended By Practicing Physicians

Roberto Montenegro, M.D., Ph.D

Roberto Montenegro, M.D., Ph.D


Doctoring Differently coaching opened my eyes to the world beyond full-time clinical medicine. Dr. Lawrence-Reid supported my desire to depart from the outdated career expectations central to academic medicine. She helped me avoid the pitfalls of self-doubt and insecurity that often limit us as Physicians attempting to embark on new ventures. Bringing this approach to my work as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, I began this new chapter of my professional journey with a higher salary and fewer hours, all while putting myself and my family first.

Andrea Austin, M.D.

Andrea Austin, M.D.

Emergency Medicine Physician

Dr. Naomi Lawrence-Reid helped me discover my values and priorities. She empowered me to realize my full potential and reach for opportunities that fulfilled both my professional and personal goals. Now, I have better hours, more autonomy, and higher pay. I am more optimistic about my future than ever before. I also have more energy and creativity to devote to the advocacy work that really provides joy to my life. As my parents are aging, I also have the flexibility to be able to go home more often and be available to my family.

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